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MINEMAN Metal Sales Solution

Why companies are choosing MINEMAN Systems

For listed companies, the preparation and timeliness of end of month, quarterly and financial year reporting, internal, external, royalty auditing, budgeting, governance and transparency requirements are onerous.

Marketing contract administration requires on time management of large amounts of data accurately and repetitively.

Periods of metal price and currency volatility add pressure for current and accurate sales data for risk management analysis or position awareness, revaluations and cash flow forecasts.

Value is maximised through good governance and having critical information available in a timely manner.

MINEMAN Systems provides mineral concentrates and metal invoicing systems to base metal concentrates and precious metal mining and trading companies.

MINEMAN Systems provides the capability for recording and managing all company negotiated metal and concentrates sales contract terms covering weighing, assaying, pricing in a recognised industry accepted format, ready for signing and presentation to the buyer to facilitate prompt payment. Documentation such as weight and assay certificates, certificate of origin, packing lists, all invoices, with your company logo and address details professionally displayed.

Updating individual parcel records as new information becomes available enables logistical, financial and reporting capabilities, revaluations and cash flow forecasts.

Your administration staff are trained in entering and maintaining the data with assistance from our user support team when required.

Companies are choosing Mineman for many reasons including:

• Enter Data only once, re-use it many times!

• Data importers remove error prone manual data entry!

• Corporate governance compliance through an audit function!

• Only authorised users have appropriate read only or power user access, relevant to their positions.

• Mineman Management Dashboard displays key information, individually tailored for non-users.

• Mineman Global User Support*24hrs*6days week*1 on 1! Assists all marketing user administrators experiencing any issues, as and when required.

• Contract configuration with condensed contract summary for quick review of key terms and administration information.

• Proactive checks of parcel data, prior to month end, reporting these for attention before End of Month reporting.

• Integrates with external ERP systems and LIMS. Integration with hardware systems such as weighbridges, scales, bar code scanners.

• Automated Price Feeds, including Forward Prices.

Support is provided to our clients in their own time zone, by MINEMAN experts in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.

We are continually working to ensure the MINEMAN application evolves with the evolving needs of your business