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Managed Services

Outsource your back office to MINEMAN.

Let us do it for you.


If you don’t have the people or the background in metal sales and financials then consider outsourcing your back office operation to the MINEMAN Managed Services Team. This will leave you free to focus on the strategic needs and commercial relationships of your business.


MINEMAN Managed Services allows mining companies to outsource their back office activities traditionally associated with their use of MINEMAN. These activities include logistics, materials tracking, ship chartering, contract management, marketing administration (weights, assays and settlement), revenue accounting including Mark-to-Market financials, journals, and cashflow forecasting.

Your Managed Services operation will be staffed by highly experienced mining industry people who know your business inside out. They can operate your back office smoothly and efficiently.

Your operation will be run from Manila and from our other offices around the world, wherever is best for streaming your sales revenue into your business in the fastest possible way.