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MINEMAN is the trusted industry standard
for the marketing of concentrates
and metals from mining

MINEMAN is used through-out the world everyday by mine sites, smelters and traders to simplify, consolidate and to ensure the accuracy of their marketing operations. This system is designed around industry best practice built up over many years of practical experience.

MINEMAN can deal with the marketing requirements for all major commodities. This includes concentrate handling for Copper, Gold, Nickel, Lead and Zinc concentrates. MINEMAN will simplify your assay exchange processes by tracking not only your assays but also your buyer and umpire assays, ensuring you are getting the best value for your sales.

Our intelligent invoicing system can generate multiple invoices including proforma, provisional and final invoices. Invoices are dynamically generated from the specific sales contract configured in the system automatically gathering the latest available weight, assay and price data. The MINEMAN invoice format is widely accepted throughout the industry and ensures your data is presented in a clear, logical and easily understood manner.

MINEMAN also includes a specialised Doré Management system which can assist you in tracking of your Gold and Silver Doré. The system will track melts and bars as well as samples giving you accurate control over your inventory at all times.

The Marketing Module also has specific functionality to handle Copper Cathode Sales. MINEMAN can track your Cathode production from initial Batch and Bundles right through to final invoice.

MINEMAN has a complete set of standard reports and documentation that you can use right out of the box. This includes Certificate of Origin, Assay Exchange Documents, Packing List and Manifests and many more. We can customise these documents or simply create additional ones should you have specific requirements.

Support is provided to our clients in their own time zone, by MINEMAN experts in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines.

No matter what commodity you are selling MINEMAN can assist you to do to it BETTER.